Buy and rent Containers from CARU Containers West Gulf

CARU West Gulf Containers is your partner for high quality containers in the United States and Canada.

Welcome to the website of CARU Containers West Gulf. CARU Containers is your partner for all types of containers – shipping container, storage container, offshore container and services like rental and modifications. Our US-Headquarters are located in Houston, TX with 34 locations across North America with containers available. 

Container and Services:

CARU Containers offers you different Container types and services in the United States and Canada:

  • Shipping Containers and Storage Containers
  • Offshore Containers
  • Rental of Containers
  • Modification and Transport

About CARU Containers:

  • Own depots & offices in the United States, Europe and Asia
  • Large number of containers on stock worldwide
  • Over 150,000 m2 of depot space worldwide
  • More than 120,000 TEU on rent and lease
  • 10,000 customers worldwide

Do you want to buy a container?

Do you want to buy a container? CARU Containers offers a wide range of containers such as ISO/CSC certified shipping containers, standard storage container, as well as DNV 2.7-1 certified offshore containers.

Do you want to rent a container?

Rent high quality containers from CARU Containers. Renting a container is an ideal solution for storage of goods over long and short periods. Find further information and special offers at Rent a container.